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Come Hoot-n-Howl with EarthSONG Troubadour Lois Fein
Saturday, June 22, 2024 @ 7 pm (US-EST)
for our next virtual, LIVE
Full Moon EarthSONG Singalong


EarthSONG Singalong

Intergenerational song circle.


EarthSONG Singalong fosters creativity, community, love of the Earth, music, movement, storytelling, song, and other expressive arts.

Together, we share:

*  Nature & earth-related songs (known, originals, co-created)


*  Mixed-age music-making

*  Fun, hands-on, interactive experiences


*  Process-oriented music & songwriting, language & lyric play

*  Gentle movement for boosting brain, body, and balance

Come join in this singalong-hootenanny and celebrate our kinship with all life!  

Explore your love of the Earth in the context of community - mindfully - through music, movement, storytelling and song.



To create an EarthSONG Singalong tailored to your family or community needs, please contact Lois Fein at: